About S. Young Realty

In 2016, Shanyelle pursued her dream to become a Broker and opened her own Real Estate firm where she currently manages a diverse sales team of 7 incredibly talented realtors. As a leading real estate agency in the Greater Hartford area, S Young Realty & Associates is dedicated to developing communities by delivering based on the aspirations of their clients looking to buy or sell their most valuable asset. Each realtor on the S Young Realty team has extensive knowledge of the Connecticut housing market, and is committed to serving clients with a spirit of excellency. These traits enable the team to confidently serve as trusted advisors to clients from all walks of life.

Shanyelle has sought to use her business as a ministry and has been blessed to help so many achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Her mantra is “Giving and Living in Abundance” which is exemplified in the approach that Shanyelle and her team embody as realtors, professionals, and women.

The S Young Realty team encompasses superior market data analytics, innovative marketing materials, strong negotiating competencies, and relentless dedication to instill confidence in clients looking to buy or sell in the residential or commercial real estate market.

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